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Our corporate mining practice includes joint venture structures for mining projects, acquisition of mining concessions, compliance of obligations derived from mining concessions, exploration agreements, purchase options, exploitation agreements and services agreements related to mining projects.

Our real estate mining practice includes advice in the preparation and negotiation of acquisition, temporary occupation, use and enjoyment and usufruct contracts, expropriation proceedings for the use of superficial land for mining projects; negotiation and implementation of agreements with Ejidos; title search on real property including private land, agrarian land and Federal land; legal advice on agrarian matters including agrarian litigation; legal advice on planning and development of mining projects; legal advice on zoning, construction contracts and contracting and development of utilities and infrastructure.

In terms of labor in the mining industry, we provide legal advice on labor matters, including collective labor relationships, drafting of employment agreements, internal shop rules, labor restructuring, reorganization of work shifts, advice on health and safety matters for mining operations, and labor litigation.

Regarding environmental matters, we have wide experience in environmental audits; legal advice, procurement of permits and administrative procedures before the Federal Bureau of Environmental Protection (PROFEPA), the National Water Commission (CONAGUA), the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA), as well as environmental state and municipal authorities; legal advice regarding environmental impact, water rights, management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste including authorizations and reports; use of land changes.

We also provide advice in tax planning and tax advice in transactions involving the acquisition of mines and joint ventures.

Our customs practice for the mining industry includes audits, permits and compliance with customs laws and regulations, administrative procedures in customs matters and in general, customs matters related to the mining industry.

In the area of immigration, we provide procurement of all types of migratory visas for employees coming from abroad

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